Creation of The Khalsa


Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib moulded and cast the Khalsa in His own image. By virtue of this mould and indentification if there is anything nearest and dearest to the Khalsa it is his most beloved ideal Guru Gobind Singh. Unless the sentiment of Prema, true devotion,purity and spirit of sacrifice beams and radiates out from the person of Khalsa he is certainly distant away from his beloved and cherished ideal Guru Gobind Singh.

A true sikh is always floating in the Ocean of Prema Bhagti. He is totally possessed by Guru Bhagti, by all enveloping Prema of his beloved Guru. He is immersed in drinking the Nectar of this rare Prema by reciting and worshipping the Divine Name of his beloved Guru by tongue. He keeps on drinking this Nectar of Prema through his blessed eyes also by continuously envisioning the luminous form of his beloved Satguru. What he hears is also this Prem of the Guru, his melodious Nam. His heart is totally devoted to perpetual contemplation and meditation on Guru. Thus, totally merged in Guru's devotion, he envisions Guru only and nothing else. He envisions Guru in the whole creation. That is how Bhagat Namdev envisions his Gobind in the whole creation and Bhai Kanhayia and Bhai Nand Lal envision Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib in all alike.

It was on this momentous day of Vaisakhi that the Great Guru launched the Khalsa onto a unique spiritual crusade, a holy crusade of total self-transformation in pristine purity, purity of character, immaculate external and internal purity, purity of thoughts, speech and deeds. With this death experience and love of Satguru deeply rooted in their hearts, started a total divinisation process. This was the deepest and the most profound spiritual experience of the five beloved ones.

Love of death was an essential pre-requisite for the Love of God.


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