Divine Rewards


The five beloved ones rose one after the other and in total submission surrendered and offered their heads as demanded by the Great Guru.

What a unique and wonderful death experience in being beheaded by the holy hands of the beloved Guru Himself. The Great Guru compassionately accepts the humble offer of the heads and total surrender by these true Sikhs. What a grand death experience which grants immortality in lieu. For these unmatched divine lovers, Guru Gobind Singh ji was their all in all, the sole Beloved. This death experience elevated them to be the Five Beloved Ones of Guru Gobind Singh ji. If Guru Gobind singh was their beloved ideal, they became the beloved ideal of Guru Gobind Singh ji. Lovers, Love and the Beloved, all had merged into one grand living reality.

Beloved Guru bestowed Amrit, the Nectar of Immortally, to these five beloved ones. Such was the unique holy magic in the annals of spiritual history on this auspicious day of Vaisakhi. In this unparalleled death experience, they attained the love of their beloved Satguru and life eternal as reward. First the Great Guru picked up five flowers from the auspicious congregation. They had offered their heads at the altar of the beloved Guru . These fragrant flowers hailed from different parts of this great country and belonged to different castes. In return of the humble offer of their heads the Guru blesses and rewards them with the most precious boon of divine love and elevates them to the lofty spiritual ideals of His own Five Beloved Ones,

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../images/bullet2.gif (202 bytes) Satguru Daya Nidh Mehma Agadh Bodh
Namo Namo Namo Namo Net Net Net Hai
Bhai Gurdas Ji
“Satguru is an Ocean of Mercy, Daya, Compassion. It means Daya on all alike. This covers the whole humanity.”


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