Victors of Death


This divine call of the Great Guru awakened and opened up amazingly new folds, horizons and dimensions of divine love.

On this auspicious occasion after the five beloved ones, successive human waves of the lovers of God in thousands, drank the Nectar of Immortality and they all stood transformed as Victors of Death. It was on this historic day of Vaisakhi that this Greatest of the Nation Builders had transformed a whole nation into lovers of death en masse. From this day onwards the vision of the whole nation started glowing with the Light of Immortality. Death from now onwards became a lovable and spiritual companion for the Sikhs of Guru Gobind Singh.

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../images/bullet2.gif (202 bytes) A worldly person fears death
A Seeker of Truth is hopeful of conquering death
A lover-divine loves death
Baba Narinder Singh Ji
Sri Guru Arjan Sahib says:
“Satguru is an Ocean of Mercy, Daya, Compassion. It means Daya on all alike. This covers the whole humanity.”

For its very survival the nation very much needed the infusion of practical
spirituality and the Lord of Love, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, blessed them all with this boon on this auspicious day of Vaisakhi.

Guru Gobind Singh, a spiritual regenerator, generated a spiritual upheavel and a spiritual renaissance on this unique day. He was a great nation builder and epoch maker, and carved a new Glorious Order of the Khalsa.


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