Deliverance from
Mighty Clutches of Maya


On this auspicious day and occasion - the Basakhi, in one divine stroke of the flashing sword, the Great Messiah with powerful Bhagauti in His Holy hand had cut to pieces, the all powerful clinging to earthly life. He freed the sikhs from the mighty clutches of Maya, from clinging to this temporal and mortal life. False and perishable earthly attachment stood totally snapped and delinked. The door to vast spiritual domain and to the Bliss of Immortality was thrown wide open, on this Great Historical Day of Basakhi. The sikhs had well grasped the essence of the Great Hymns of Sri Guru Nanak Sahib of ‘Seeking Death and Not Life’ before entering into the Arena of Divine Love.

Only Satguru can kindle a heart with the flame and spark of Divine Love. It was on this Historic Day of Basakhi that the Greatest Spiritual Personality of all times baptised thousands into Khalsa and kindled in their hearts ‘FLAME OF LOVE’. He burnt the masses en masse in the holy fire of renunciation, total surrender and sacrifice.

It was a Grand Miracle of Divine Power. It was the Most Blessed Congregation of ‘An Age’.

It is amazing that in the midst of fierce struggle, a fight to the finish, He was spreading the Gospel of Prema, universal love even amongst His foes.

Prema is His Supreme Divine Commandant and Prema is our Supreme Divine and Proud Heritage.

This Great Religion of Love, stirs love for all Religions, for the whole human race. This Religion breaks all earthly barriers and geographical limitations. It transcends all conceivable man-made impediments.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji is the Grantor, the Bestower, the Conferer of the highest boon called Prema. All-Loving, All Gracious, All-Merciful Guru granted this rarest of the rare boon to the Five Beloved Ones and this holy spirit then spread like wild fire in the whole congregation.

It was a Clarion Call to Divine Lovers. True Love issues in Total Surrender and Total Sacrifice. Such was the Clarion Call of the Great Guru on this Auspicious Day of Basakhi.

The setting was curiously awe-inspiring and dramatic. This Great Religion is not designed for weaklings, for cowards and for petty minded selfish people. It was his Clarion Call for heroic death. Holy seeds of a True and Vibrant Dharma were sown on this Auspicious Day.

Satguru is the Sole Beloved, the Sole Parent, the Sole Friend and Relative, the Sole Origin and Abode, the Sole Shelter and the Sole Rescuer and the Saviour in this holy relationship of a true Sikh with the Beloved Satguru. All earthly relations get swallowed up and dissolved. The love and Pleasure of the Satguru is the sole delight and charm of a true sikh. Such a love smitten Sikh can kick aside all the kingdoms of earth and heaven for the pleasure of the Beloved Satguru.


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