Unconditional Surrender


Surrender as a pre-requisite

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Hohu Sabhna Ki Reinka To Aao Hamaare Paas
Sri Guru Granth Sahib, Page 1102
“First accept death and discard the hope of life. And become the dust of the feet of all, then only you come to me,” says Nanak the Fifth.

Entrance to the holy mansion of the beloved Lord Guru Nanak is only open to those who love death and who pride in turning as the dust of everybody's feet. In such a wonderful state of sacrifice and surrender and in such a true spirit of utter humility, a true sikh steps out towards the most beloved Guru and is accepted in the holy folds of Guru Nanak. Such is the wonderful 'Call Divine' of our beloved Lord. It is an invitation Divine to His Abode Divine. This is the practical Sikhway of life.

The five beloved ones rose one after the other and in total submission surrendered and offered their heads as demanded by the Great Guru.

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